How to deliver engaging presentations

Posted on 2017/02/23

Unfortunately there are far too many occasions that I can remember where I attended a presentation that was painstakingly boring. In those occasions I did not learn much, and I struggled to stay focussed and not spend the whole time considering what I would have for my dinner that evening. I would guess that most of you have experienced the same and not appreciated having your time wasted either. And the reality is that most of us are busier than ever before in both our work and personal life, so when we do give up our precious time to attend a presentation, we want it to be valuable. That got me thinking about what makes a presentation engaging, and how those practices can become a list of tips that can be referred to for those planning a presentation. We care about engaging the audience because that promotes attention, interactivity, and learning. These are our top 10!

Learning from Post Event Feedback

Posted on 2017/01/26


Traditionally post event feedback has been captured on paper forms straight after an event, with forms being collected up and presumably transcribed and reviewed. In recent years there has been a move towards online feedback which has the advantage of being done at ones leisure, and is computerised on input which prevents the errors introduced from transcribing.

IQ Polls Top UK IT Events of 2017

Posted on 2017/02/09


Information technology is an area of rapid change, and even those at the forefront of the industry can find it hard to keep up. The good news is that there are a number of IT events where leading suppliers and other industry professionals come to discuss the latest and the greatest innovations. Here are IQ Polls top 8 not to miss events taking place in the UK in 2017.

IQ Polls - Applications in the Interview Process

Posted on 2016/12/27

IQ Polls is a fully integrating poll creation and analysis software tool, that allows you to collect and process data in a manner that makes it perfectly suited as a replacement for traditional psychometric testing methods during interviews.

The Power of Real Time Feedback

Posted on 2017/01/16

One of the things we know about learning and training is that individuals and groups consume and understand content at varying paces. Within the learning space there have been significant strides made, using technology, to serve individualised content through a personal device subject to the input of the user. For example, a standard chapter of content may be taught interactively, followed by a short test. Those who struggle with certain questions, or areas of content might be re-served content. I am sure by now you get the idea! This interactivity is transforming the way in which people learn and for the better. 

The Benefits of IQ Polls for Events

Posted on 2016/12/07

An event may take many forms such as a conference, lecture, concert, product launch, festival, or perhaps an art exhibition. The event may be large or incredibly intimate, but I suspect they all have one commons goal: participant engagement. For most events their success is based uponthe level of engagement and the participation they get from those attending. In the example of a conference this might be very active participation such as asking questions and engaging in round table discussions. For other events the participation may be more passive and harder to monitor and detect. At an art exhibition which typically involves quiet observation, it may be more difficult for event organisers to measure the success of their event. 

IQ Polls for TV

Posted on 2016/12/01


For many years, television broadcasters have worked hard to find ways to interact with viewers. In a traditional broadcasting model, the programmes are broadcast and the main source of data for the TV stations is viewer ratings which is provided via BARB. However, in terms of engaging with the viewer, this was limited to the likes of phone in voting and more recently interactivity via the web and mobile apps.

The benefits of using IQ polls for in-house training

Posted on 2016/10/16

When you think of in-house training, digital polling might not be the first idea that springs to mind. But you’d be wise not to overlook the potential benefits that polling can confer on your training sessions. Digital polls have a great number of useful (and fun!) applications that can enliven a staid presentation, engender new conversations and encourage trainees to share their opinions and ideas

The benefits of IQ Polls in print media

Posted on 2016/10/02

The rise of digital means that people now have an almost unlimited number of ways to connect and engage with the things that interest them. However, there remains a marked difficulty in getting consumers to make the transition from traditional print media to digital platforms. This disconnect poses less of a problem for customers as it does for brands, agencies and other content creators, whose responsibility it becomes to bridge that gap.

IQ Polls - Technological Integration in Educational Establishments

Posted on 2016/11/17


IQ Polls is a reliable and trustworthy method of obtaining statistical polling data quickly and easily, whilst simultaneously offering a full package of poll creation and analysis tools. This means that the packages we offer can be completely integrated with technological systems in educational establishments such as universities and colleges. Riga University have successfully incorporated our technology into all their systems, and as such are experienced a rejuvenated, more engaged, student body as a result.

The ways in which IQ Polls can be integrated are numerous, here are some examples:

The Benefits of using IQ Polls for educators

Posted on 2016/11/11


As an educator, lecturer, or teacher you will undoubtedly have noticed the manner in which smart devices detract from your lectures or presentations where your students are concerned. If you think back to previous lectures, how many times have you looked around the lecture theatre to observe a sea of heads, face down, staring at the screen of their smart phones instead of engaging in the teaching taking place?

Three keys to presentation success

Posted on 2016/09/21


There is some much to remember when it comes to giving a presentation that it can be very intimidating if you’ve never given one before, or if you’re giving the presentation of your career. What’s worse is that everyone keeps telling you how easy it is. But, no matter how nervous you are and even if it is your first presentation, if you remember these three keys you’ll be unlocking presentation success in no time.

Making the most of your events

Posted on 2015/11/03

Recently started to hold business events, but are struggling to really capitalise on them? How to make the most of holding events? 

Polls & Workshops

Posted on 2016/09/05

Running an effective and informative workshop is something that is a lot harder than most people imagine when they start planning one. Workshops are a fantastic training tool as well as a great way to get people interacting with one and other interacting with the workshop coordinator.

10 ways to get interactive client feedback

Posted on 2015/09/20

Communication is vital in any type of business or enterprise; getting your message across to your clients or potential customers is key to generating interest, investment and revenue. But simply passing information to your intended audience can only really be considered as ‘communication’ if that audience can reply to tell you what they think.