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An interactive presentation - always be ready for what your audience might tell you

Posted on 2015/08/03

There's a classic piece of advice given to all trainee lawyers: 'never ask a question you don't already know the answer to'. Many people will remember the OJ Simpson trial as a prime example of this; he was asked to try on a 'bloodied glove' which the prosecutor had never checked would actually fit his hand, and it didn't.

Engage your customers with interactive advertising

Posted on 2015/07/08

Advertising was once a one-sided game. Businesses poured money into incentives to get their name out there, but there was no reliable way of measuring the success of a campaign. Such data is in much richer supply now, of course. But there's one way of getting feedback on your advertising that's more direct than all the others - and it has the added advantage of inspiring customers to engage with your brand. The solution we're referring to is an interactive poll.

Body language skills to boost your presentation

Posted on 2015/07/01

As the great psychologist Albert Mehrabian said, words convey 7% of a message, the vocal expression a further 38%, and body language puts across a massive 55% of the meaning. Using this calculation, it can be said that an immobile, inexpressive speaker is wasting over half of the impact of his or her message. This can be remedied by simply taking your time and being mindful of the following tips to help you reach your audience through the power of body language. 

How SMS voting can help companies to engage with young customers?

Posted on 2015/06/23

Did you know that the average person looks at their smartphone approximately 150 times per day and that they have their smartphone device within arm's reach for roughly 14 hours each day? From checking text messages and updating social media profiles to responding to business emails and shopping for products and services, smartphones are becoming more and more integrated within every aspect of our personal and professional lives.

Be a workshop wizard with IQ Polls

Posted on 2015/06/16

While the keynote might by the showy event at a conference, the workshops are the real engine houses. That's where the work gets done, information is gleaned and dissected, and you get a better chance to interact with a specific audience covering a topic of interest to all.

Reap the benefits of audience response technology

Posted on 2015/06/10

More and more conference planners are now choosing to incorporate audience feedback collection into their events, using technology such as IQ Polls to encourage participants to engage with the presenters in the moment. This allows attendees to give instant, honest feedback, while making analysis of that feedback much easier and more efficient.

Address the Nation!

Posted on 2015/06/01

Imagine how useful it would be to secure the email address of every attendee at a conference? They are your customers, they are the crowd for the next big event and they're sat right there in front of you. That is the power of an interactive poll. 

Polls and presentations: the perfect partnership

Posted on 2015/05/27

Part of the return on investment that attendees, executives and businesses expect from going to a conference or event is plenty of hard data. They can bring this back to the office and apply the numbers to their own business plans or strategies, or use them as discussion points. 

5 tips to engage your event's audience

Posted on 2015/05/25

Audience engagement can make or break a conference and it's critical to build the tempo and keep things moving like a master puppeteer if you want the next one to sell out before the seats are cold. So how do you guarantee engagement? Here are a few top tips to ensure that your conference is the talk of the town and the online world.

The importance of presentations: making them work for you

Posted on 2015/05/21

For many of us, being tasked to give a presentation is the stuff of nightmares. You envisage yourself on stage, stumbling over your words, struggling to maintain your train of thought and watching on in horror as audience engagement slips away.

Now this really is an interactive presentation!

Posted on 2015/05/18

If you have attended a range of presentations, meetings and conferences during your working life, then we’d like to either congratulate or commiserate with you. You choose!

Improve your conference attendance with some useful strategies

Posted on 2015/05/14

Across the world of business, executives, thought leaders, knowledge workers and influencers get dozens of invites to conferences, events and presentations every year, perhaps every month. Naturally, being linked to a major name in your field of business will help attract visitors to your event and presentation, but there are several ways you can ensure their attendance. 

Be careful what you ask for!

Posted on 2015/04/21

Our teams here at IQ Polls appreciate how much the use of questions can bring to any event, presentation or conference speech. They can be used beforehand as preparation or an interest-building tool, during it to maintain audience engagement, and as a useful form of post-event communication. So far, so good...

How to extend event experience with post-event communication

Posted on 2014/02/12

With focusing mostly on activities before and during the event, planners often exclude post-event communication from their strategy. It’s a pity, because the excellent opportunity to extend the event experience is unreasonably overlooked. Not necessary event has to end when the last attendee leaves. Participants might still experience it by spreading word of mouth or acting on it. After putting strong effort in planning, organizing and implementing the event, it is worth to struggle a little bit more and gain all the additional rewards possible.

Introducing IQ Polls API

Posted on 2014/01/22

In the past month we have been working to bring you the IQ Polls API. It allows other companies and developers integrate our solutions in their systems. It's much easier and faster to integrate 3rd party's solution than to create your own.