Happy barometer

The Benefits of using IQ Polls for educators

Posted on 2016/11/11


As an educator, lecturer, or teacher you will undoubtedly have noticed the manner in which smart devices detract from your lectures or presentations where your students are concerned. If you think back to previous lectures, how many times have you looked around the lecture theatre to observe a sea of heads, face down, staring at the screen of their smart phones instead of engaging in the teaching taking place?

IQ Polls enters UK market with HQ at MediaCityUK

Posted on 2015/08/20

We are happy to announce that IQ Polls - an interactive polling service that engages audiences using mobile technologies is entering into the UK market with the establishment of an office in Manchester.

‘Happy Barometer’ app released on Android with new photo sharing feature

Posted on 2013/12/06

The Happy Barometer app for mobile devices has been released on the Android platform on 5th of December. The new Android version also offers users an exciting new feature, not previously seen on the iOS version, which enables users to spread their happiness even further by sharing their photos on social platforms including as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as Chinese social network WeChat.

Happy Barometer app released!

Posted on 2013/10/24

You may know that during this summer IQ Polls inspired the release of a new social project called Happy Barometer. Well, it was really successful and many people shared in their moods and spread this response to others. This buzz has inspired us to move forward and let people to share their moods in more fun way, so we have created a Happy Barometer app.

How to spread happiness

Posted on 2013/07/05

It is said that every day spent without a smile is a lost day. What is more, most smiles are started by another smile. 

This summer in the capital of Lithuania - Vilnius - we launched a tool called Happy Barometer ('happybarometer.com') to measure the happiness of citizens based on personal input. What does it mean? Well, on the website people can record their happiness level on a scale from one to ten on an hourly basis, and note where in the world they are. Haven’t you tried it yet? Go on give it a go!