Quick ways to build team alignment

Posted on 2018/03/06

Many organisations struggle to effectively align their teams. Why? Because there are a range of personality types and skill sets which can lead to conflict. However when this conflict is harnessed positively, and a team becomes aligned and working in the same direction, it becomes more productive. We are interested in the key ways to build that team alignment:

Encouraging innovation in meetings

Posted on 2017/08/29


Innovation is the lifeblood of any business – it is the intangible value that acts as a differentiator – the intrinsic value contributed by employees. Organisations recognise this and over the years there have been many attempts to encourage innovation, such as table tennis in break out areas, and brightly coloured meeting rooms. However renovations needn’t be done to the office to encourage innovation in meetings. These are our top tips:

Structuring a memorable presentation

Posted on 2017/08/21


The unfortunate truth is that most presentations are utterly forgettable. There are a number of reasons for that, but commonly it is because the structure is not right for the purpose. The key to a memorable presentation is to first consider what your message is and then matching the structure to that. We will first look at three effective structures and then some finer points/tips.


Excellent Icebreakers

Posted on 2017/07/24


Icebreakers are a great way to get a conference or meeting off to a strong start. In fact, they are so effective that they have become commonplace and often expected by participants. When planned and executed well, icebreakers can be enjoyable for participants and also allow people to get to know each other. They can also be used as a tool for participants to understand the goals of the session. Done badly they can make individuals feel uncomfortable, and ‘close up’ rather than breaking the ice. Therefore it is important to consider the individuals attributes and what sort of icebreaking exercise would work best. Also bear in mind what sort of ice you are trying to break. For example are the people likeminded but just haven’t met yet, or perhaps the individuals have very different cultural backgrounds and engrained perceptions of one another. 

Top 5 Training Energisers

Posted on 2017/07/07


Whilst many now recognise that learning is most efficient when down in bitesize chunks, there are still a proliferation of training courses that extend over one or more days. It can be challenging for participants to maintain their concentration during this time, and one useful way of gathering or maintaining momentum is the use of a training energiser. These are our top 5 training energisers:

8 ways to engage disengaged students

Posted on 2017/06/19


This is a question that has plagued educators for as long as they have had the role to teach, and students to learn. Large class sizes and under-resourced schools has only served to exacerbate the problems of disengaged students. Teachers are having to work harder than ever to introduce methods into the classroom that improve learning outcomes.

Educators should embrace mobile phones

Posted on 2017/06/09


A survey 1,500 parents by Opinium found that on average, UK children owned a phone by age seven, and a smart phone by age ten. It is not unusual for children to be able to operate a smart device before they can tie their own shoes. This in itself marks the shift in the use of technology over the last decade. 

IQ Polls for Work Meetings

Posted on 2017/05/16

A few years ago, many offices I went into had material on the walls and/or tables of the meeting rooms which gave some quick guidance about how to make meetings more effective. Some organisations took it a step further and restricted the length of meetings. Another business I know of enforced a rule that if there was no agenda the meeting should be aborted immediately. All of this came out of a realisation that in many organisations, employees were going to lots of meetings, and not using that time effectively. The meeting revolution over the past decade has eradicated some of the bad behaviours – being late, using devices rather than listening, talking over each other, and so on. We are now entering into a new revolution for meetings, as once again we are set to see more efficiency gains as interactive surveys are gaining popularity.

5 Powerful Presentation Skills

Posted on 2017/05/02

There are a lot of courses out there to learn how to deliver brilliant and engaging presentations but if you do not want to waste time and money, most of them distil down to a number of top tips that you can use yourself with practice, and deliver powerful presentations. These are our top five:

IQ Polls for Real Time Feedback at Exhibitions

Posted on 2017/04/10

We have written recently about a whole host of great IT exhibitions and conferences coming up in 2017 in the UK and the US. Of course they range in topic and size, but many attract thousands of IT industry superstars who are at the bleeding edge of the particular technology being exhibited – whether it be wearable technology, internet of things, cloud, and so on. These types of exhibition are not limited to IT – they of course are prevalent within many industries such as pharmaceuticals, fashion, travel, HR and more.  

The power of social media

Posted on 2017/03/15

Do you remember a time not so long ago when many commentators said that social media was no more than a fad that would be a distant memory within months. However the likes of Facebook and Twitter gained increasing popularity – primarily for personal purposes at first. However the power and instant availability of social media was the perfect platform for businesses who wanted to get their marketing out there quickly and cheaply. The viral nature of social media meant that ideas were passed between liked minded groups like wildfire! The possibilities seemed endless. So why are businesses mad for social media?

How to deliver engaging presentations

Posted on 2017/02/23

Unfortunately there are far too many occasions that I can remember where I attended a presentation that was painstakingly boring. In those occasions I did not learn much, and I struggled to stay focussed and not spend the whole time considering what I would have for my dinner that evening. I would guess that most of you have experienced the same and not appreciated having your time wasted either. And the reality is that most of us are busier than ever before in both our work and personal life, so when we do give up our precious time to attend a presentation, we want it to be valuable. That got me thinking about what makes a presentation engaging, and how those practices can become a list of tips that can be referred to for those planning a presentation. We care about engaging the audience because that promotes attention, interactivity, and learning. These are our top 10!

Learning from Post Event Feedback

Posted on 2017/01/26


Traditionally post event feedback has been captured on paper forms straight after an event, with forms being collected up and presumably transcribed and reviewed. In recent years there has been a move towards online feedback which has the advantage of being done at ones leisure, and is computerised on input which prevents the errors introduced from transcribing.

IQ Polls - Applications in the Interview Process

Posted on 2016/12/27

IQ Polls is a fully integrating poll creation and analysis software tool, that allows you to collect and process data in a manner that makes it perfectly suited as a replacement for traditional psychometric testing methods during interviews.

IQ Polls for TV

Posted on 2016/12/01


For many years, television broadcasters have worked hard to find ways to interact with viewers. In a traditional broadcasting model, the programmes are broadcast and the main source of data for the TV stations is viewer ratings which is provided via BARB. However, in terms of engaging with the viewer, this was limited to the likes of phone in voting and more recently interactivity via the web and mobile apps.