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The Power of Real Time Feedback

Posted on 2017/01/16

One of the things we know about learning and training is that individuals and groups consume and understand content at varying paces. Within the learning space there have been significant strides made, using technology, to serve individualised content through a personal device subject to the input of the user. For example, a standard chapter of content may be taught interactively, followed by a short test. Those who struggle with certain questions, or areas of content might be re-served content. I am sure by now you get the idea! This interactivity is transforming the way in which people learn and for the better. 

Three keys to presentation success

Posted on 2016/09/21


There is some much to remember when it comes to giving a presentation that it can be very intimidating if you’ve never given one before, or if you’re giving the presentation of your career. What’s worse is that everyone keeps telling you how easy it is. But, no matter how nervous you are and even if it is your first presentation, if you remember these three keys you’ll be unlocking presentation success in no time.

Making the most of your events

Posted on 2015/11/03

Recently started to hold business events, but are struggling to really capitalise on them? How to make the most of holding events? 

10 ways to get interactive client feedback

Posted on 2015/09/20

Communication is vital in any type of business or enterprise; getting your message across to your clients or potential customers is key to generating interest, investment and revenue. But simply passing information to your intended audience can only really be considered as ‘communication’ if that audience can reply to tell you what they think.

Riga Technical University embraces IQ Polls live voting

Posted on 2015/09/14

A leading Latvian university has become the latest educational institution to adopt IQ Polls' interactive voting service. Riga Technical University, which has offered degree courses in the nation's capital city since 1862, introduced IQ Polls for seminars, conferences and training sessions on 1st September 2015 ready for the new academic year.

IQ Polls enters UK market with HQ at MediaCityUK

Posted on 2015/08/20

We are happy to announce that IQ Polls - an interactive polling service that engages audiences using mobile technologies is entering into the UK market with the establishment of an office in Manchester.

What to do when everyone isn't created equal?

Posted on 2015/11/24

It's one of the tenets, or at least aspirations, of human life. Every person is created equal, which leads to a democracy of 'one person, one vote'. On most occasions, this is how life operates. So, if you are asked to take part in a poll, or vote on one of a series of options, your vote carries exactly the same weight and importance as all others.

Top 3 interactive presentation mistakes and how to avoid them

Posted on 2015/08/17


A powerful and engaging interactive presentation can be instrumental for securing future custom and investments for your business. Unfortunately, there are several mistakes that are frequently made by companies which prevent their presentations from achieving their full potential. To ensure that you don't fall victim to the same pitfalls, listed below are three of the most common presentation mistakes and the ways in which you can avoid them: 

An interactive presentation - always be ready for what your audience might tell you

Posted on 2015/08/03

There's a classic piece of advice given to all trainee lawyers: 'never ask a question you don't already know the answer to'. Many people will remember the OJ Simpson trial as a prime example of this; he was asked to try on a 'bloodied glove' which the prosecutor had never checked would actually fit his hand, and it didn't.

Body language skills to boost your presentation

Posted on 2015/07/01

As the great psychologist Albert Mehrabian said, words convey 7% of a message, the vocal expression a further 38%, and body language puts across a massive 55% of the meaning. Using this calculation, it can be said that an immobile, inexpressive speaker is wasting over half of the impact of his or her message. This can be remedied by simply taking your time and being mindful of the following tips to help you reach your audience through the power of body language. 

Reap the benefits of audience response technology

Posted on 2015/06/10

More and more conference planners are now choosing to incorporate audience feedback collection into their events, using technology such as IQ Polls to encourage participants to engage with the presenters in the moment. This allows attendees to give instant, honest feedback, while making analysis of that feedback much easier and more efficient.

Will Google Glass revolutionise public speaking?

Posted on 2015/06/05

Photo: Google Glass with frame for prescription lens. Author: Mikepanhu 

This just in: if public speaking is something you have yet to master, then Google Glass may well be the tech gadget for you! 

Bringing audience engagement to your presentations

Posted on 2015/04/14

'I've been given the graveyard shift' - this is a complaint often heard from those who speak at conferences and other public events. This frequently refers to the spot just after lunch or right at the end of the day. Yet, it could equally be used for any time where the presenter fails to truly engage with their audience. You'll surely understand this premise if you have ever suffered as a presenter simply reads from their presentation script while flicking a few slides past your weary eyes. Yet there are two key ways to avoid this...

Attention span – your chance to keep your audience interested!

Posted on 2014/01/02

Everybody talks about engagement at seminars, meetings or conferences but many of these people often don’t really know what engagement means in a real and practical way or how to retain it. What are we going to do by engaging our attendees and why do we need to do so? What is our goal for engagement in our meetings, our learning environments or conferences?

Control your presentations using a mobile phone!

Posted on 2013/11/22

We love things which can act as an innovation for our lives, especially if we are talking about audience engagement. A group of Finnish guys have introduced a nice tool, which makes things less painful by harnessing the power of the Interwebs to do away with some of the classic problems.