How to spread happiness

Posted on 2013/07/05

It is said that every day spent without a smile is a lost day. What is more, most smiles are started by another smile. 

This summer in the capital of Lithuania - Vilnius - we launched a tool called Happy Barometer ('') to measure the happiness of citizens based on personal input. What does it mean? Well, on the website people can record their happiness level on a scale from one to ten on an hourly basis, and note where in the world they are. Haven’t you tried it yet? Go on give it a go!

But let’s start from the beginning

The Happy Barometer was started with the interactive outdoor campaign 'Smile for Vilnius'. People were given a unique opportunity to express their mood in a public space using mobile devices. Happiness results were continuously displayed on outdoor digital screens located in public places across Vilnius. We want to share a video about it:

Response from the rest of the world

After a successful start in Vilnius, Happy Barometer received worldwide media interest including in the USA, Canada, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Australia and Republic of South Africa.  

News about Happy Barometer appeared in 35 countries across various media - TV, radio and Internet - with coverage in more than 120 publications. 

In summarizing this project: The goal of the Happy Barometer is to encourage people around the world to smile and share good emotions.

By the way

Happy Barometer invites all cities worldwide to join and measure your city’s happiness level. The most important thing is to smile and share good emotions every day.

Would you love to share happiness too?

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