Case study: print media can be digital!

Posted on 2013/10/07

Print media is one of the most retreating markets in the business world. During last 5 years, almost all print media companies have moved to the internet and have started using social media channels to create direct connections with their readers.  These changes were needed in order to stay in the market and keep their businesses going. It seemed that they had already used all of the possible means of engaging with their users and there was no way to keep printed material going. However, we would like to share with you a case study of how we interacted with another business to make printed material became digital. 

An example we would like to share is the interaction we have developed with a Top Gear magazine. Top Gear, as you may know, is oriented towards men and focuses on cars, new technologies and all other interesting things related to cars. 

In order to engage with readers, who were loyal to the Top Gear printed magazine, a Lithuania magazine decided to cooperate with us, IQ Polls. Through this interaction, a series of best car elections were organized through the printed magazine Top Gear and voting casted using the digital media on IQ Polls!

All readers were encouraged to vote for the best car using their mobile devices and evaluate one or all of the cars on a scale from one to ten. This type of voting was found to be more engaging than any other form used before. People were able to vote for all the cars, tell their opinion, and see the results in real time.

This successful engagement pushed Top Gear Lithuania magazine to more widely use IQ Polls. The social media was a second channel for them. All new cars that they write about are evaluated with IQ Polls in social media. People can tell their opinion and see how others respond to it.

This case helps people realize that digital media can be adopted everywhere, even in printed material. The most important thing is to find out what your audience is curious about and let that curiosity spread!

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