Happy Barometer app released!

Posted on 2013/10/24

You may know that during this summer IQ Polls inspired the release of a new social project called Happy Barometer. Well, it was really successful and many people shared in their moods and spread this response to others. This buzz has inspired us to move forward and let people to share their moods in more fun way, so we have created a Happy Barometer app.

The Happy Barometer app for mobile devices uses the iOS platform and appeared in the Apps Store this week. An algorithm for the recognition of human emotions created by the SkyBiometry Company was used for the development of this app. A version for the Android platform will appear in the near future so don’t worry if you have an Android mobile.

This innovative mobile app will allow its users to capture their own and their friends’ moods easily and playfully.  Are you wondering why we have called it playful? Well, this app will not only let you measure your mood on a rating of 1 to 10, but also you will be able to take pictures of yourself, or pictures of friends and see how the algorithm will rate your smile. This app has facial recognition algorithms, so it helps to identify your facial features and mood. That's why using this app is so much fun!

In a way which is different from the Happy barometer website, on the app you can see your personal mood statistics, not only the top five general  happiest and  saddest cities. It then allows you to view the happiness levels in 123 cities across the world and has a list of the top five happiest and saddest cities at the time. You can also watch a video about Happy barometer.

Don't forget to update your mood every hour and view how your levels change. Also,  feel free to share it on social media, or see how it compares you to users in another city!

Do you want to download the Happy Barometer app? Click here and share your happiness!

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