Control your presentations using a mobile phone!

Posted on 2013/11/22

We love things which can act as an innovation for our lives, especially if we are talking about audience engagement. A group of Finnish guys have introduced a nice tool, which makes things less painful by harnessing the power of the Interwebs to do away with some of the classic problems.

But let’s start from the beginning. The tool is called Presefy. It works really simply - you just create an account, upload your power point presentation in this website, head on over to Presefy on your phone, log in, and hit the “Play” button next to whichever presentation you're trying to show. That’s it! You can show your presentation to the audience and control it with your smartphone.

Solving problems

One of the biggest issues in a presenter’s life is the remote controller – to have it or not to. So Presefy is solving this problem – you do not need to even to think about a remote controller at all, it will be your smartphone and you’ll be able to forget standing in front of a computer and clicking buttons or a remote controller buttons in order to change slides.

Great news for all innovators is that Presefy is currently a free tool, because the Finnish team is working on a Pro plan with features like password-protected presentations, downloadable presentations, and the ability for viewers to go between slides without interfering with the main display. The service only allows you to show presentations which are compatible with Powerpoint and PDFs at the moment, so if you are using other software you’ll need to wait for new features to come.


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