‘Happy Barometer’ app released on Android with new photo sharing feature

Posted on 2013/12/06

The Happy Barometer app for mobile devices has been released on the Android platform on 5th of December. The new Android version also offers users an exciting new feature, not previously seen on the iOS version, which enables users to spread their happiness even further by sharing their photos on social platforms including as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as Chinese social network WeChat.

As we mention on Happy barometer app realised post the Happy Barometer Project utilises an algorithm for the recognition of human emotions, originally created by the SkyBiometry Company. This was developed further by the Lemon Labs Company into a fun, easy to use app that could determine a person’s mood simply by scanning their face. 

In addition to a user rating their happiness level on a scale from one to ten, the app user will be able to determine their own or their friends’ happiness level just by taking photos of their own or their friends’ faces. With the new Android version, you can share you happiness pictures through your social networks. 

What is perhaps most significant is the ability to share happiness updates and pictures via WeChat,  the giant Chinese social network with over a billion users. It is believed that Happy Baromter is one of the first apps in Europe to be developed in connection with WeChat. The app also appear on one of the biggest Chinese app sites too, as well as Google Play.

The iOS version of Happy Barometer has been updated to include the new photo sharing functionality and is due to appear on the app store in the coming week.

Find out more about the free Happy Barometer app at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=lt.lemonlabs.android.happybarometer&hl=en

Happy Barometer app on Wandoujia app store will be available in few days.