Bringing audience engagement to your presentations

Posted on 2015/04/14

'I've been given the graveyard shift' - this is a complaint often heard from those who speak at conferences and other public events. This frequently refers to the spot just after lunch or right at the end of the day. Yet, it could equally be used for any time where the presenter fails to truly engage with their audience. You'll surely understand this premise if you have ever suffered as a presenter simply reads from their presentation script while flicking a few slides past your weary eyes. Yet there are two key ways to avoid this...

Engage their mind

Great presenters use language to energise the brains of their audience. This can be achieved by carefully crafted phrases, relevant examples and stories, careful use of humour, quotations from the famous (people or thoughts which are relevant to the subject) or interesting information presented in a lively and engaging manner. If you attend conferences or events, you'll quickly remember those speakers who achieved this, and will eagerly have forgotten those who failed to engage you.

Engage their body

Think back to your school days and remember those occasions when a teacher would take you and your classmates outside of the classroom and engage you in simple physical projects – from working in the school garden to searching for insects, birds or animals in the area. Active involvement was added to the learning. 

Of course, this is unlikely to happen in business situations! However, using our IQ Polls facility, you do have the chance to both interact with, and gain feedback and input from, your audience. As long as those present have an internet connection, and the vast majority now will have, they can vote on a question you ask them, rate a statement or premise, or even simply indicate a 'like'. The results can then appear in real-time. In this way, you can test knowledge or assumptions, gain instant feedback, and perhaps lead on to a discussion. You might even amend your presentation on-the-hoof to reflect the information they have given you.

Using this tool, not only have those present physically interacted with what is happening, they have seen the chance to influence it, and this can only increase their levels of interest and attention. Get in touch with us to find out more.