Will Google Glass revolutionise public speaking?

Posted on 2015/06/05

Photo: Google Glass with frame for prescription lens. Author: Mikepanhu 

This just in: if public speaking is something you have yet to master, then Google Glass may well be the tech gadget for you! 

Fantastically futuristic and undeniably cool, Google Glass is fast becoming the must-have accessory for any tech junkie. For those who find themselves giving regular presentations, there is one app that could be seriously career-beneficial - Rhema. 

A group of savvy students at the University of Rochester have developed the app Rhema (after the Greek word for 'utterance'), which monitors your voice and gives feedback on your pace and volume to help create a more natural and engaging speaking pattern. The app gives visual cues to suggest whether you need to slow your pace down or speed up, and similarly alerts you when you should speak a little louder or drop your voice a notch or two. The result? Perfect pitching every time, which over time will become a natural skill.

The selection of ever-growing Google Glass apps offers some other seriously useful tools for presenting, too. Amongst them is YourShow - an ingenious app that displays your slides where you can see them so that you never have to shift your focus from the audience. Intelligent voice recognition software analyses your notes to identify when a slide has been completed, and will magically flip to the next one so you can give presentations in the most professional way possible, although head gestures and voice commands can also be used to control the slides. 

YourShow allows you the freedom of movement and interaction without ever having to worry about checking your notes - they’re right in front of your eyes. YourShow is also about creating a platform for improvement, and records your presentation and audience reactions to create a useful source that you can listen back to at a later date. These recordings can also be sent to smartphones, allowing you to broadcast to even greater numbers of people.

The only downside? Google Glass is not currently available to the general public, as work is still underway on a new and improved version. But watch this space; the release is on the horizon and we think it might just revolutionise the world of public speaking.