Riga Technical University embraces IQ Polls live voting

Posted on 2015/09/14

A leading Latvian university has become the latest educational institution to adopt IQ Polls' interactive voting service. Riga Technical University, which has offered degree courses in the nation's capital city since 1862, introduced IQ Polls for seminars, conferences and training sessions on 1st September 2015 ready for the new academic year.

The use of live voting tools in education sessions gives professors, lecturers, teachers and tutors a wider range of options. They can integrate polling elements into their lectures and classes, with the purpose of engaging directly with students and learning their thoughts. IQ Polls allows surveys and questions to be built into presentations, with users able to vote using their connected mobile devices.

How IQ Polls is benefiting the university

Students at Riga Technical University can use their smartphones to offer opinions and answer questions during lectures and presentations, with the results available instantly via the IQ Polls platform. This means professors can interact directly with students, no matter how many people they are addressing, and ensure they remain fully engaged with the teaching content. The feedback can be used to benchmark students' knowledge and assess their levels of interest in particular subject areas.

Riga Technical University has a proud history of innovation, having been the first multi-discipline tech university. Today, the centre specialises in IT, electronics, science and engineering, and is considered to be a highly reputable, forward-thinking institution. It is a natural fit for IQ Polls' innovative polling solution. By embracing interactive polling, the university is continuing to push technological boundaries.

Additional incentive for educational institutions

IQ Polls' live voting solution increases the range of options available to lecturers, teachers and tutors, not just in universities but also colleges and schools. Those who are looking to engage with students via mobile technology - a medium younger people are comfortable with - may see significant learning value in the tool.

There are additional incentives for educational establishments which use IQ Polls, most notably from a cost perspective. Special attractive rates are available to teaching centres, allowing them to adopt IQ Polls' technology at a discount. If your university, college or school is interested in introducing live voting and seeking real-time feedback from students, do not hesitate to get in touch with IQ Polls today.