10 ways to get interactive client feedback

Posted on 2015/09/20

Communication is vital in any type of business or enterprise; getting your message across to your clients or potential customers is key to generating interest, investment and revenue. But simply passing information to your intended audience can only really be considered as ‘communication’ if that audience can reply to tell you what they think.

Traditionally, businesses received communication from their clients directly (for example, through calls or emails with specific enquiries) or indirectly (through increased or decreased sales following an advertising campaign, for instance). People involved in public speaking could address individual questions at the end of their session times, or on a one-to-one basis if there was time at the end of a seminar.

Yet those forms of communication from customers were limited in that they were not dynamic or sensitive enough to truly allow businesses and consumers to interact. Now, though, IQ Polls (http://iqpolls.com) can facilitate instantaneous client feedback and other measures of client satisfaction through their easy to use voting tool. 

The IQ Polls tool allows you to ask questions and get an immediate response from far more of your audience than was ever possible through traditional means. There are many potential uses for this type of technology and below we have listed just ten of these:

1. Conferences - use IQ Polls during conferences to gather the opinions of attendees on each speaker, or on the topics being discussed. Or use it as part of your post-conference data collection to assess satisfaction and the likelihood of further business from each guest.

2. Teaching - IQ Polls is not just about collecting information about opinions – it can be used to assess knowledge too. This is a great way to encourage active listening amongst your students, who can be asked to use the IQ Polls tool to answer tests or to indicate what they think is a correct answer in multiple choice questions.

3. Customer feedback - add the IQ Polls tool to invoices or emails following up a sale to obtain your customers’ feedback on the service you provided. You can use the information you receive to improve service, or to quote when demonstrating overall rates of customer satisfaction.

4. Restaurants - add a question to your menus or even on your wall or tables to gain insight into your customers’ experience.

5. Advertising - want to know how your customers view your adverts in newspapers or magazines? Add a question to your advert and ask them to respond. Not only will you be informed as to your customers’ views, you can see how many customers see and take note of your printed advertisements.

6. Outdoor adverts - do you have adverts in the form of posters, perhaps on the high street? Add a question and a link to IQ Polls and your customers or potential customers can use their smartphones to communicate with you.

7. Exhibitions - if you have paid to host a booth at an exhibition or fair, having a link to IQ Polls will give your customers or potential clients the opportunity to tell you what they think and get in touch quickly and easily.

8. Events - getting feedback on your event can be difficult, as delegates tend to want to rush off at the end and many do not return printed or email questionnaires. IQ Polls is quick and easy to use, and you can put the questions you want to ask on their badges or event packs to encourage participation.

9. TV - IQ Polls is a great way to encourage TV viewers to actively participate in their favourite programmes, by posing questions or asking for opinions. There are no premium rate phone numbers to call, maximising the chances of a successful rate of response.

10. Promotions - if you have teams of people working out on the streets to promote your business or an event, IQ Polls provides a very quick and easy way to encourage the public to engage. Put questions on the T-shirts of your team members or on handouts and encourage people to use the quick, easy iqpolls.com tool to respond.

With iqpolls.com, there are no additional costs involved for your customers – they can use their smartphones, laptops, tablets or standard mobile phones to vote, via the internet or SMS. Being free for the public to use will make it more likely that they will engage – plus, people are known to really enjoy using these interactive voting tools and need little encouragement to do so. Simply show your question and the information and range of responses are immediately displayed on your customers’ phones.

Your customers don’t need any kind of IT skills and you can choose the types of question you ask; you could, for instance, ask your customers to rate your service on a scale of one to ten, or ask them to vote on a number of different choices available.

Signing up for IQ Polls takes less than a minute and you don’t need to give your credit card information. For more information on how to personalise and adapt your IQ Polls, check out iqpolls.com today.