What to do when everyone isn't created equal?

Posted on 2015/11/24

It's one of the tenets, or at least aspirations, of human life. Every person is created equal, which leads to a democracy of 'one person, one vote'. On most occasions, this is how life operates. So, if you are asked to take part in a poll, or vote on one of a series of options, your vote carries exactly the same weight and importance as all others.

What happens when this isn't the case?

There are occasions when the standard terms don't apply. We don't mean when the boss is holding a vote so that everyone can be allowed to agree with what that person has already decided will happen! We are talking, specifically, about occasions when weighted voting has to be used. A prime example of this is at shareholders' meetings when the vote is weighted according to the number of shares any individual or organisation holds.

No longer a need to rely on traditional means of measuring weighted voting

Many other votes, apart from our own parliamentary and council election systems, have taken account of the electronic world as it is, rather than how things have always been done. Here at IQ Polls, many major organisations already value our easy-to-use voting tool when gaining instant audience feedback by mobile phone during interactive conference presentations.

We are delighted to now let you know that we have introduced our superb new Weighted Voting feature. This is available to each of our many Conference account holders. Using it is extremely straightforward. All it means is that, simply by pre-registering the mobile phone of each voter, the weight of their vote can be used when shareholder voting takes place.

Where accuracy meets speed

This means that votes can be completed in a much quicker time frame than when using more traditional counting methods. Of course, we appreciate that such votes are checked by independent auditors, and we are always happy to liaise with them to create the shareholder voting and counting system a 21st century organisation deserves.

Photo: www.freeimages.com/Sergio Roberto Bichara