The Benefits of using IQ Polls for educators

Posted on 2016/11/11


As an educator, lecturer, or teacher you will undoubtedly have noticed the manner in which smart devices detract from your lectures or presentations where your students are concerned. If you think back to previous lectures, how many times have you looked around the lecture theatre to observe a sea of heads, face down, staring at the screen of their smart phones instead of engaging in the teaching taking place?

Unfortunately, smart devices do act as a distraction during lectures, seminars and teaching sessions. IQ Polls are an excellent tool to utilise in order to regain the attention of your students, and have them actively engaging in the topic at hand. IQ Polls offer a diverse method by which you can encourage the participation of students in your lectures and seminars, while keeping their attention away from their smart phone. It is a simple, straightforward process to integrate an IQ poll into your teaching session. Here are a number of ways that this can be achieved:

Topic Discussion

Ideal for seminars, in which students are expected to engage in open discussion, the IQ Poll can be constructed in order that it promotes student interaction. As the seminar leader, you can present a statement, or question, at the start of the seminar, which the students are then able to discuss with yourself and one another. During your discussion, several polls can be held in order to track opinion on the potential solution to the problem posed. This ensures your students are giving you their undivided attention.

Giving your presentation a humanistic touch

Sometimes, presentations or teaching sessions can lack a humanistic feel. Rather than expecting your students to blindly absorb the information you are giving them, in a linear fashion, you can incorporate a poll into your lecture slides which actively involves your students and, perhaps more importantly, encourages them to think for themselves. This use of reason, logic, and ingenuity will add a humanistic approach to your lectures, and will help to give recognition to your students as valuable contributors during lectures and seminars.

Simple, easy integration

IQ Polls are simple to integrate into your lecture presentations. You simply need to populate your poll with the information required, then import it into your presentation software. It is really that simple! That way your students can be easily involved in your lecture, and will engage with the important teaching taking place in front of them, as opposed to their smart devices.