IQ Polls - Technological Integration in Educational Establishments

Posted on 2016/11/17


IQ Polls is a reliable and trustworthy method of obtaining statistical polling data quickly and easily, whilst simultaneously offering a full package of poll creation and analysis tools. This means that the packages we offer can be completely integrated with technological systems in educational establishments such as universities and colleges. Riga University have successfully incorporated our technology into all their systems, and as such are experienced a rejuvenated, more engaged, student body as a result.

The ways in which IQ Polls can be integrated are numerous, here are some examples:

Presentation Software

IQ Polls can be embedded in your presentation software, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, in order that your students can take part in any polls you design, during the lecture. This could lead to a significant increase in student engagement throughout lectures and seminars.

Internet and SMS Utilisation

Students can take part in polls simply by voting on their web browser or via SMS. This means results are collated for you automatically – you simply need to access and review them. If students are able to use the internet to vote during lectures, then they are less likely to spend time being distracted by social media, and more time engaging with your lecture.

Real-Time Results

As results are collated on a live basis and fed back to your account, they are processed and displayed immediately, meaning students benefit from seeing the consequences of their actions immediately rather than having to wait, which again will increase student engagement.

Social Media Integration

You IQ Polls can easily be shared on social media feeds such as Facebook and Twitter. Simply hit the ‘share’ button when you have amassed the data you required and it will be automatically shared on your profile. This means that even students who were not present can benefit from the information.

Specialist Hardware? A Thing of the Past.

Specialist hardware such as voting handsets are no longer required. With IQ Polls, all voting is carried out via a smart device like an iPhone or tablet, and so students can vote directly from their own handsets.

No Need for Specialist Software

Apart from the IQ Polls software, there is no requirement for any additional applications or software that runs alongside our own. This makes installation and integration of the software into your current system quick and simple.

Specialist Databases

You have the ability to create specialist databases within the IQ Polls software, in order that you can, for example, email all results to your class once the lecture or seminar is over.