IQ Polls - Applications in the Interview Process

Posted on 2016/12/27

IQ Polls is a fully integrating poll creation and analysis software tool, that allows you to collect and process data in a manner that makes it perfectly suited as a replacement for traditional psychometric testing methods during interviews.

These often-outdated methods of testing an interviewee often involve testing in numerical reasoning, special reasoning, and verbal reasoning. You can do away with these outmoded methods of paper testing and utilise the abilities of IQ Polls to create a test which incorporates all four aspects of the psychometric test, while analysing the results in real time, giving you an instant picture of your interviewee’s capabilities.

The IQ Polls software doesn’t just have its uses in a solo interview setting. It can also be applied to a group interview as well.

Group interviews often involve team-based, or solo, subtly competitive tasks. You can use IQ Polls software to encourage engagement from the groups. It is possible, for example, to configure IQ Polls to pose a scenario to the group.

The scenario can then be resolved via a series of multiple choice questions, that the group can answer in secret via an app on their mobile devices. The consequences of their choices can then be relayed to them before introducing the next scenario. In this way, the IQ Polls software can help identify leadership and decision-making qualities in prospective employees.

It would also be plausible to introduce the combined psychometric test, described earlier, to the group. In this way, two teams could compete against each other to answer the most tasks correctly. They could be posed as logic scenarios, which can involve all elements of special, numerical, and verbal reasoning.

Again, you have the advantage of being able to analyse results as they come in, giving a clear indication of the teams, and individual team members, who are making the most valuable contribution.

IQ Polls is an incredibly simple, easy to use, tpiece of software. It can fully integrate with Microsoft PowerPoint, and so is useful to incorporate as a part of presentations in a group interview. This integration means that your interviewees will engage more with the content of the group interview.

One of the most convenient features of IQ Polls is that it can use internet and SMS in order to accept answers or decisions from interviewees, and results are collected and analysed immediately. Results are collected straight from the mobile phone of the interviewee, so there is no requirement for specialist hardware to control the application.

You can also utilise the abilities of IQ Polls to generate specialised databases, which can collate and display the results from the entire day, and then analyse the results in graphical form.

The application is a standalone software, in that you will require no additional software add-ons to increase its functionality. The advantage of this is that IQ Polls is simple in terms of installation, and integration of the software into your existing system will be an expedient process.