The power of social media

Posted on 2017/03/15

Do you remember a time not so long ago when many commentators said that social media was no more than a fad that would be a distant memory within months. However the likes of Facebook and Twitter gained increasing popularity – primarily for personal purposes at first. However the power and instant availability of social media was the perfect platform for businesses who wanted to get their marketing out there quickly and cheaply. The viral nature of social media meant that ideas were passed between liked minded groups like wildfire! The possibilities seemed endless. So why are businesses mad for social media?

1.         Access to valuable customer insights

On average 350,000 tweets are sent per minute, that is 500 million tweets per day and 200 billion tweets per year. Of course a lot of that is irrelevant noise, but if harnessed, businesses can access invaluable customer insights into not only the business itself, but also what they think of competitors and so on.

2.          Boost brand awareness and loyalty

Businesses can get their brand out there, share information about what they are doing, where to find them, how to talk to them, and also run promotional activities. By posting new content that customers might be interested in, this can produce an online following and increase brand loyalty.

3.          Delight customers

The reality is that customers expect businesses to have social media presence and they want to use it as a quick way to access customer service. Customer’s value round the clock and swift responses to their queries. Providing this does offer competitive advantage to organisations. 

4.           Increase website traffic and search ranking

Social media can be used to increase search rankings and also drive traffic to your website. You will likely find yourself thinking about SEO, metatags and similar jargon. This is the vocabulary of the digital marketing of today.

5.         Spy on your competitors

Your competitors will be driven to market openly with their customer base. This might include new product releases, promotional pricing, new locations, and so on. This provides them with benefits as they engage with their customer base. The openness of the information gives you easy access to what they are doing and when.

6.         Share content quickly

It is literally instantaneous marketing. Get flash deals, updates and other information to your customer base in real time.

At IQ Polls we full recognise the opportunities presented by social media which is why it is of strategic importance to our business model. Being able to instantly share feedback from presentations and conferences using IQ Polls is an incredibly popular feature for our clients as it raises the profile of their events.