IQ Polls for Real Time Feedback at Exhibitions

Posted on 2017/04/10

We have written recently about a whole host of great IT exhibitions and conferences coming up in 2017 in the UK and the US. Of course they range in topic and size, but many attract thousands of IT industry superstars who are at the bleeding edge of the particular technology being exhibited – whether it be wearable technology, internet of things, cloud, and so on. These types of exhibition are not limited to IT – they of course are prevalent within many industries such as pharmaceuticals, fashion, travel, HR and more.  

Captive Audience

Businesses pay a lot of money to exhibit at events and typically a lot of work goes into the production of the stand, and organising and preparing what will be shared with those in attendance. Very often the opportunity will be used to share a new product that has been released and to showcase that to prospective buyers and industry experts who might have some useful input and feedback. There is a captive audience of exactly the type of people that the business wants to engage with. However, how is that feedback efficiently gathered and en masse? The most common model is that there are employees of the business who work on the stand who talk to and interact with people as they pass by. They may even manage to get them to fill out a short survey. However in reality a lot of this interaction is verbal and that leads us onto the next constraint – the employee taking the feedback now needs to remember what has been said and take time off the stand to quickly jot down some notes. With the best will in the world things will get forgotten or lost in translation. Can you see how the captive audience opportunity is now dwindling very quickly? But what if there was another way?

Interactive Polls

Interactive polls are becoming very popular as they are engaging, utilise technology for immediate data capture, and still have an element of producing interest among respondents. Also they are very flexible so can be visually interesting and use animation and sound to interact with the participant. Whilst IQ Polls can be used from the individuals own device, in this use case it might be more appropriate to set the polls up on some iPads on stands around the display which attendees can be directed towards. We know that people like incentives for completing surveys, so try and be creative with what is offered – perhaps a small gift, or a free trial of the product.

In Summary

Being present at a conference is typically quite expensive but it provides access to a large target audience all in one location. This is an outstanding opportunity for the exhibitor to receive invaluable feedback – but it must be recognised that individuals have limited time, that data capture needs to be as quick, easy, and engaging as possible. Interactive polling is the perfect solution for this on the stands.