Tech trends for 2018

Posted on 2017/10/17


Each year it becomes increasingly popular to predict which tech trends are going to be big news in the following year. Very often these are trends that have been bubbling away and gaining traction. This is our run down of what we believe will be big business in the tech world in 2018.

Cryptocurrency technology

I suspect you have heard about bitcoin, and perhaps even blockchain, which is the distributed ledge technology. As cryptocurrency becomes more popular, we expect to see far more technological innovation in the blockchain space. This expansion will also be required to manage the wider portfolio of digital currencies that are being launched. Furthermore, as the way in which the currencies are traded becomes more complex, platforms and algorithms will need to be developed.

Internet of things

The internet of things has exploded in 2017 and I fully expect this trend to continue into 2018 and beyond. There are huge opportunities to connect devices to the internet and use them in a far more intelligent way. This is both true in the home and also in the workplace. The possibilities seem to be endless.

Artificial intelligence

AI has been on these lists for a few years, but in reality the technology to deliver to mass markets has only been coming to the fore in the last year or so. Of note has been a widespread debate about banks using robo-advisors rather than human beings to deal with customer queries. AI is used for the software to ‘learn’ about the habits and preferences of the customer in order to adapt the communication and products offered.


Automation will continue to be important for businesses in their pursuit of reducing their requirement for human labour, and performing tasks more cheaply and quickly. A newer development will be the combination of automation and machine learning which has the potential to deliver unbounded benefits.

Monetising big data

Most organisations are competent at the collection, storage and retrieval of big data. However the focus in 2018 will be how to profit from that data, which will inevitably require software developments.  

On demand solutions

There is a big consumer based trend for receiving services and products in close to real time, anytime of the day or night, and anywhere in the world. This trend will create demand for mobile apps and also increasingly sophisticated logistics.   


Intelligent apps

Intelligent apps are a product of combining big data and application development. The apps combine various insights with cutting edge app development. This will be paired with user-centric interface design.


In summary, the theme for tech advancement in 2018 will be the progression and integration of trends we are already aware of. The integration will provide benefits greater than the sum of the individual parts.